Hasselblad Check to Spec


Check-to-Spec Service Special 


Check if your camera, lens, viewfinder, digital or
film magazine back meets the original factory specification!

**Additional service charges may apply**

While Hasselblad cameras and accessories are built to the highest standards and use the finest materials available, regular service is an important maintenance precaution. Mechanical and electronic components can gradually drift out of tolerance through regular use affecting alignment, focus, shutter speed accuracy, and other vital functions.

The Hasselblad Check-to-Spec Special will ensure your camera system is functioning as well today as it did the first day you used it.


H-System $159

 V-System $99

This service special is limited to diagnostic and functionality check of:

1 - H-System body OR V-System camera body
1 - Hasselblad digital magazine or film magazine
1 - Lens
1 - Viewfinder

**  NOTE **
Check-to-Spec is only valid for complete system: body, lens, viewfinder, film or digital magazine.
If you have questions about offer eligibility Please contact us. please contact us.

 email: servicedept.us@hasselblad.com
phone: 1(800) 456-0203, option 2

This service special is limited to diagnostic and functionality check of:

Additional Information

Camera Body (H System only)
Overall camera functionality
Update firmware
Inspect and clean exterior surfaces

Camera Body (V System only)
Body length & alignment
Mirror alignment
Overall camera functionality
Inspect and clean exterior surfaces

For 503CX/CXi/CW Series
TTL/OTF meter (if applicable)

For EL Series cameras
Battery function
Motor function

Waist Level or Prism Viewfinder
For metered Prism Viewfinders: check metering for unit accuracy
Inspect and clean exterior surfaces
Focus check on the Collimator
Shutter speed accuracy
Inspect and clean exterior surfaces

Roll Film Magazine
Film flatness
Frame spacing
Inspect and clean surfaces

Digital magazine services performed
Complete cosmetic inspection and functionality check
Firmware updates
Clean LCD display and protective glass areas
Check for dust, spots, and scratches on the IR Filter

Additional Services Available:
Note: These optional service specials are only available
at the time of Check-to-Spec service

Roll Film Magazine: Replace light traps and foils - $99.50 per mag.


A credit card is required before the Check-to-Spec service can begin. The $99.00 fee covers the inspection and evaluation of one of each of the following V System components: any 500, 200 or 900 series camera body; any Zeiss lens; any roll film magazine; any waist level or prism viewfinder or prism meter viewfinder.

The $159.00 fee covers the inspection and evaluation of one of each of the following H System components: Any H Series camera body; any HC/HCD lens; H viewfinder; H film magazine or H digital magazine.

Check-to-Spec is valid for complete system: body, lens, viewfinder and film/digital magazine. Additional V or H bodies lenses and magazines can be included under the Check-to-Spec special for an additional cost of $36.50 each. The above fees do not include replacement eyecups, replacement IR filters, battery packs, cables, applicable taxes and shipping charges, which will be added to the invoice. If during the course of the Check-to-Spec service, a problem is identified with one of the system components that is beyond the scope of this service inspection, a separate estimate will be provided for your review and approval. On repairs that are approved while the equipment is at Hasselblad we will extend a 20% discount on the labor rate.



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