HBI Service Request


Below is the online service request form. Once you complete the form, you will receive an email confirmation with the HBI Service Department address and a PDF form of your service request document.  Please place a hardcopy of the form in the box with your physical equipment that is being shipped to us.  You can ship multiple items from different service request forms in one box, but please be sure to include all of the PDF service request forms in the box. You may submit up to 5 items per online request form.  If you need to submit more than 5 items, please contact a Customer Service Representative at (908) 754-5800, Option 2.

**Important Notes**

For up-to-date information regarding opening status and delays related to COVID-19, please visit www.hasselblad.com/us.

  1. Warranty repair: Please include a paper copy of your sales receipt or invoice in the box. Must include dealer name, your name, address, product with serial number and purchase date.
  2. All items submitted on each online form will receive one quote. If you want separate quotes for multiple items, you need to submit separate online forms for each item, or group of items that you want to appear on one quote.
  3. Hasselblad products must be done on separate online request forms. Please do not put Hasselblad products on one online request form. You can send them in a combined shipment (box) as long as they have separate request forms.
  4. Below are the recommended packing instructions. Please read before submitting your products. Depending upon your service request situation, you may be asked to send additional pieces, or omit certain items from your shipment.
  5. For Hasselblad HxD cameras which includes the H2D, H3D, H3DII, H4D, H5D and H6D, Hasselblad Inc service department requires both the H body and digital magazine. The final step in completing service is to adjust sensor alignment and recalibrate UltraFocus.

    Packaging Instructions for Hasselblad Products

    You will be notified via email once your items have been received at our facility. A member of our Service Team will then be in touch with you shortly afterward to provide you with an estimate for the repair of the item(s). We thank you for taking the time to complete this form that will in turn enable us to provide you with a better level of service. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at (908) 754-5800, Option 2.
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 Warranty repair: Please include a paper copy of your sales receipt or invoice in the box. Must include dealer name, your name, address, product with serial number and purchase date.